Woodside Hall

Woodside Hall offers an alternative either for breakout groups from large events or for medium sized gatherings that do not require the space of the main hall. It also provides an excellent location for hosting food onsite, with it's direct servery connection to the kitchen.

Woodside Hall is well suited for medium-sized gatherings and for those events where kitchen access is required. It's exit door connecting to the Garden adds a touch of elegance to this space in the summer.

  • Dimensions: 38 x 69 feet


    • 2 double door exits to west hallway
    • 1 exterior exit to the Garden
    • 1 connecting doorway to Kitchen
    • Fluorescent lighting (2 zones)
    • 4 Electro-Voice ZX-1 Speakers, 2 at each end of the room. They can be switched on/off
      in pairs to allow set-up at either end of the room. Or if required, all 4 speakers can be active
      at once.
    • One Shure wireless handheld microphone, model ULX-SM58
    • One Stanton single disc CD player
    • Additional wired microphones can be requested: 2 maximum
    • Line input for external audio devices (MP3 players, DVD etc - not provided)
    • Laptop audio interface - audio connection available for laptop computer
    • 12' video screen (front projection, ceiling mounted at South end of room)
    • Portable LCD projector