Main Hall

The beautiful and historic main hall at DC works equally well for a wide variety of events. It has hosted everything from beautiful wedding ceremonies and organ recitals to gospel quartets and modern rock.

    • Unreserved capacity for 950 total seated in pews (main level and balcony combined)
    • Two front entrances
    • Four rear double entrances leading directly to Narthex and exterior exit.
    • Cathedral arched ceilings
    • Excellent acoustics
    • (2) JBL AS2212 speakers with additional 2445J high frequency drivers (1 per side)
    • 12" low frequency driver
    • High frequency drivers: 4" voice coil, 2" throated horn
    • Main speakers controlled and processed by DBX Driverack model 260
    • Main speaker system is mono
    • Main speakers are powered by a 800 Watt per channel QSC amplifier, providing ample power for most acoustic and small band shows. If extended low frequency response is required, additional subwoofers can be integrated into the system (this can be evaluated on a per-show basis)
    • Main hall is equipped with induction loop system for hearing aid users.

    Two input systems

    Automatic voice system in rack located in balcony

    • Shure SCM810 automated mixer
    • 8 Inputs
    • 1 wireless lavaliere microphone
    • 2 Beta 58A Wireless Handheld Vocal Mics
    • 1 Small Diaphragm Condenser Podium Mic
    • 4 Wired mic jacks located across front edge of stage
    • Wireless lav and podium mic are processed with 31 Band EQ, and DBX266XL compressor
    • Cassette deck for recording
    • Aux input for music playback/CD player (not supplied)

    Live music system located on main floor

    • Mackie SR24-4 - 24 channels, but only 16 channel microphone inputs on stage
    • Wireless headset mic: Samson UHF with Countryman WCM-16 condenser mic
    • 2 monitor mixes, through dual 31 band EQ
    • 4 monitor speakers on stage. Community MVP28 (2 Way, 150 Watts)
    • Monitor mixes driven by QSC701 amplifier (150W/Ch @8 ohms)
    • 2 Shure SM58 vocal mics
    • Please note: If more than 8 channels are required on this sound console, the existing settings must be charted and returned to their original state after being used for an event
    • Dual rear projection video system with two 4000 Lumen Projectors (one screen each side of the stage)
    • Retractable remote controlled screens
    • Video connection is wireless. A USB key with software to connect your laptop is available with refundable deposit. Detailed instructions can be downloaded here.
    • Wireless connection to the projectors is available throughout the entire main hall, depending on the power of the wireless transmitter in your computer
    • Audio interface to laptop computer available (by request); audio connections available on stage or at FOH mix position
    • Free video app is available for iPad to display presentations on video screen (limitations of this app only allow this capability to be used on a single screen)
  • Lighting

    • All lights in the main hall are incandescent, and controlled by a 14 zone dimming system
    • 9 presets available on wall pad
    • Stage lights: 10 source fours (575 watts) controlled by 4 zones in dimming system
    • Please note: this provides general stage wash only


    • Four 30amp (208/120Volt) outlets are available on the stage (rear stage right)
    • Four 15amp 120volt U-ground outlets (on 2 circuits) are available on the stage (rear stage right)
    • Two additional 30amp (208/120Volt) outlets at the rear of the main hall, in a separate storage area